This is my brain on journalism.

I haven't abandoned this ship, I have just been away learning to be a journalist, and contemplating the role of a blogger who is also a journalist. No conclusions yet, but I'm happy to report that Josh Marshall finally inspired me to post another block quote. Not surprisingly, it's about journalism. (emphasis mine)
If you actually watch Fox News with any regularity it's hard to see any point to discussing the fact that the station operates more or less openly as a wing of the GOP. The more interesting question is whether and (I would say) how news organizations with strong editorial viewpoints can maintain the highest standards of journalistic integrity, fairness and reportorial excellence. That's the critical question for journalism today because in many ways that is the direction much if not all reportage is going. But it's a conversation Fox isn't even a part of except as the paradigmatic example of how it's not done.

That's called hitting the nail on the head.

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