Inflection Point

When all is said and done, I think the former Governor of Alaska's "death panel" remark will be viewed as a turning point, similar to the "lipstick on a pig" moment during the Presidential campaign.

Speaking of the campaign, TPM reader JM makes a good point. The need to fix our health care delivery and reimbursement system was as self-evident then as it is now, which inspired BOTH candidates to campaign on plans for government intervention.
If you watch the MSM on health care you'd think McCain never even ran for President in 2008 and never even suggested taxing employer based health benefits, or never suggested a "federally supported Guaranteed Access Plan" for people denied due to preexisting conditions, or never proposed cost containment measures including coordinated care and moving away from fee-for-service, or cutting Medicare Part D subsidies for Big Pharma. One can argue whether these were good or bad ideas but Mccain did in fact have ideas to reform health care.

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thomas said...

The right wing is further entrenching itself in the “whacko”, “nut job” fringes of American politics. We need a strong minority to keep the majority in check. That’s the beauty of our system of government. Yet, conservatives and their high profile leaders like Palin, Limbaugh, and others continue to spew things that are so incredibly ignorant and flat out untrue, like the so called “death panel” proposal. It’s an insult to democracy. Perhaps if the Republican Party spent as much time creating a real policy proposal as it did making up absolutely false statements, our nation could craft real healthcare reform. Or better yet, have a political system that is responsive to the ideals and needs of the electorate, not simply the fringe forces that just happen to yell the loudest at town hall meetings, or spend the most money in a campaign.