If Nothing Else...

At least the the democratic push to reform the kingdom of health care delivery and reimbursement has been illustrative. It's a dark picture of greedy industry royalty and their mercenaries in Congress. It has always been there, but if nothing else at least we are talking about it for a few minutes.

Not all talk is useful though, especially when it is parroted versions of false correlations designed to reinforce "infantile denial." (link)

The big lie that Medicare isn't, nor ever should be, financed and regulated by the government, is a nice illustration of Slate founder Michael Kinsley's hypothesis, articulated in his 1995 book Big Babies, that infantile denial lies at the heart of much contemporary political disaffection. The American people, Kinsley wrote, "make flagrantly incompatible demands—cut my taxes, preserve my benefits, balance the budget—then explode in self-righteous outrage when the politicians fail to deliver." Although Kinsley conceded that big babyism had been enabled by both conservative and liberal politics, he wrote: "It is conservatives, more than liberals, who stoke the fires of resentment and encourage vast swaths of the electorate to indulge in fantasies of victimization by others." This is perhaps 1,000 times more true today than it was 14 years ago.

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