Delusions and Entitlement

Bruce Bartlett's Daily Beast bio describes "one of the original supply-siders" who was a "leading Republican economist from the 1980's and 90's." His point in this well-researched piece is simple: Conservatives delude themselves when they buy the claim that in recent history the GOP has practiced what it preaches about fiscal responsibility. Just look at the data:
In January, the Congressional Budget Office projected a deficit this year of $1.2 trillion before Obama took office, with no estimate for actions he might take. To a large extent, the CBO’s estimate simply represented the $482 billion deficit projected by the Bush administration in last summer’s budget review, plus the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, which George W. Bush rammed through Congress in September over strenuous conservative objections. Thus the vast bulk of this year’s currently estimated $1.8 trillion deficit was determined by Bush’s policies, not Obama’s.
[C]onservatives have an absurdly unjustified view that Republicans have a better record on federal finances. It is well-known that Clinton left office with a budget surplus and Bush left with the largest deficit in history. Less well-known is Clinton’s cutting of spending on his watch, reducing federal outlays from 22.1 percent of GDP to 18.4 percent of GDP. Bush, by contrast, increased spending to 20.9 percent of GDP. Clinton abolished a federal entitlement program, Welfare, for the first time in American history, while Bush established a new one for prescription drugs.

Regarding the current moment in our national politics, the Fox News/Drudge Report/elected Republican spin begs a reasonable question: Where was the passionate stand against government spending, expansion, and "meddling with our health care" when George W. Bush passed the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in 2003?


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