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In light the most lively discussion this blog has ever seen, I agree with this opinion about ABC's planned Obama healthcare plan extravaganza next Wednesday.
This isn't an election, where America is choosing between two candidates. We don't have two presidents offering competing agendas. And regardless the merits of the RNC's argument that "President Obama does not hold a monopoly on health care reform ideas," the reality is that his party holds the White House and effective control of Congress. The political debate right now is about the Obama/Dem plans—yea, nay, or modify—and it isn't ABC's obligation to pretend the balance of power is otherwise.

I was surprised at how much of a freak-out Matthew Drudge pulled on this ABC stuff, but this helped me come to terms with it.

As a nation, we face a healthcare crisis. The competition structure of the health insurance industry and the nature of the product make the industry unable to right itself in the face of a steadily increasing mass of uninsured, and skyrocketing premiums for those that can afford it. The thing is: Uninsured people still get sick, and they still get care. A lot of money is still spent.

As of today, this debate is about a single plan. It is NOT about two competing plans. I think it should go without saying that this is the essential variable.

The government will eventually have to do something to restructure the broken competition model, even if they don't do it now. This is not socialism. It is crisis control.

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Ry Guy said...

Gotta love John Stewart. I'm a fan of equal opportunity bashing.