"This anti-science thing is a little bit weak."

You said it, Representative Pence, not me.

More TV evolution discussion! This exchange between Chris Matthews and Indiana Congressman Mike Pence also makes brief swerves into the politics of stem-cells, and of climate change.

I think this type of dialogue is healthy, espcially for the eyes and ears of cable news viewers. But the term "believe" is still too often uttered along with the term "evolution" in mainstream debates. What biologists believe is that evolution is the best explanation of the repeatedly-verified data. They don't believe in evolution. That being said, you've got to hand it to Chris Matthews every once in a while. He gets especially charged up beginning around the 2:40 mark.

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Nick said...

This country is going to succeed or fail based upon our acceptance of science. The Republican Party is going to play a crucial role in this. Fuck.