They Don't Have A Second Thought

The best description of the reaction to the President's Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor by the right side of the political spectrum(elected or not) comes from The Lamp:

All told, there's a chorus from the right that Sotomayor is a scary Mexican, understood in the sense of 'Mexican' as anybody with a Spanish last name who isn't actively working to keep the Cuban embargo in place.

Marshall also throws in the analogy of the day:
And to the extent that there's political calculation at work it seems more likely that it's the realization that any Latina nominee would bring out the rightwing crazies like moths to a flame. They simply can't help it.

Finally, as in clockwork, Greenwald is automatic regarding the caricature of Sotomayor as a bleeding-heart, overly-emotional reverse-racist:
As happens virtually always, the facts are now starting to be examined and they reveal just how deliberately false are these right-wing smears. They just make things up without having any idea if they're true. Not only is that caricature of Sotomayor false, the opposite is true: if anything, Sotomayor's flaw is that she is excessively legalistic in her approach. And the assumption -- from both sides -- that she is some sort of pure, doctrinaire liberal seems quite dubious at best.

I for one am entertained. That is the point, right? Entertainment?

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