Dear David Stern:

I've watched only two full NBA games this year.

The main reason is that you and your OK city cronies STOLE the Supersonics from Seattle. I don't care what anybody says--the difference between your rhetoric and the truth of this matter was nothing less than an abyss. But I was on my way out long before your grand theft storied franchise. I began packing my things as I watched your boys in stripes hand Dwyane Wade a ring.

Mr Stern, above and beyond the fact that you are a thief of cherished memories sits the fact that your league is sick. It has not just lost touch--it is pathologically focused on the wrong things. Yes, "amazing" still occasionally happens (luckily one of the two games I watched this year was won by Lebron as time expired), but it would be dishonest for you to take credit for that.

The people tune in to your games to watch players make amazing plays, not to watch referees make amazingly influential calls in order to blatantly prop up your jersey-selling superstars.

Bill Simmons offers diagnoses and potential therapeutic options for your league's maladies. I'd suggest you read up.

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