Just a Drought?

Or are the most alarming climate models already coming to fruition Down Under? Human-caused "Global Warming" or not, the climate has changed in Australia, according to the LA Times.
"Climate scientists say Australia -- beset by prolonged drought and deadly bush fires in the south, monsoon flooding and mosquito-borne fevers in the north, widespread wildlife decline, economic collapse in agriculture and killer heat waves -- epitomizes the "accelerated climate crisis" that global warming models have forecast."

According to the article, 173 people died in February "during the nation's worst-ever wildfires." A week before the fires, 200 Melbourne residents died during a heatwave that "buckled the steel skeleton on a newly constructed 400-foot Ferris wheel and warped train tracks like spaghetti." Perhaps even more disturbingly,
"On the hottest day, more than 4,000 gray-headed flying foxes dropped dead out of trees in one Melbourne park."

4,000 gray-headed flying foxes in one day? That's borderline Biblical.

(Hat Tip: Vitas)


Ryan Choi said...

It is a little unnerving to hear that the environmental prophecies that have been stressed are actually coming true. The climatic catastrophes in Australia read like the 7 plagues of Egypt. If those got the world to believe, maybe these will too.

PS. That was MY tip to Vitas...

Mike Orcutt said...

(2nd generation hat tip: Ryan)

Mike Orcutt said...

(or is it hat tip squared?)

Ian said...

borderline biblical indeed

Vitas said...

I think it would be a coalescent hat tip.