If It Ain't One Thing,

it's another--at least when it comes to ecosystems. From Slate, Brendan Borrell argues that the worldwide mad rush to devise carbon-cheaper energy strategies could actually pose a threat to biodiversity if global deforestation treaties are not soon enacted.
"Protecting tropical real estate is a lot cheaper and more effective than rebuilding our energy infrastructure. And while climate change remains a legitimate concern for wildlife—particularly on isolated mountaintops and in species-poor polar regions—it does not come close to the immediate, irreparable damage caused by the destruction of habitat. Our ecosystems are not just getting warmer or colder or wetter or drier. They're disappearing."

The author cites an example in the EU, where policies promoting biofuel production have resulted in the destruction of forests in Indonesia. Right now, carbon reduction is the more trendy geopolitical buzzconcept--deforestation prevention apparently could use some hype.

(Hat Tip: Vitas)


Vitas said...

So, should I stop caring about climate change??? Or should I realize problems are more complex than a particular buzz word?

Mike Orcutt said...

The latter would be a better move.