Glass half full

Why wouldn't journalism be subject to selective pressure, just like any other living thing? I don't think it's dying. Somebody's gotta keep track of what's going on. The issue is that the definition of "what's going on" is changing so quickly, the print media can't keep up.

The linked article contains quotes from an interview with Patrick McGovern, the head of a media company called IDG. He believes that in the future people will willingly put up the cash for the info they are presently used to getting for free.
"I think people realize that if they are not paying for the information there will not be much investment in the information," McGovern said.

I wonder if this statement gives people too much credit for their recognition of the value of quality information in an era of information overload. I hope not.


Vandy-Montana said...

What is 'quality' in information? You cannot take ignorance for granted.

Mike Orcutt said...

I agree--you cannot take ignorance for granted. And what is 'quality' in information? That's the question that is suddenly staring us (those who are curious about the true nature of our environment) all in the eye. Personally, I believe that there is a truth that we should all strive to know. Quality info, then, is that which is most effectively illuminating that truth. But now we've wandered into a metaphysical wilderness...